NRA Training Counselor Workshop


NRA Training Counselor Workshops are designed to teach Training Counselor candidates how to teach teaching skills to prospective instructors in NRA Instructor Training Courses.


Since its incorporation in 1871, the National Rifle Association has focused on firearm training.  Each year NRA trainers instruct several hundred thousand people in the safe and proper use of firearms.  A major objective of the NRA has been the training of law-abiding Americans in the safe handling and proper use of firearms.  Today, one of the primary ways the NRA fulfills this objective is through its Basic Firearm Training Program - the program that teaches America to shoot.


This basic training cannot take place without experienced, committed individuals who identify, recruit, train, and develop instructors for the NRA - NRA Training Counselors.  They form a critical link between the NRA and its certified instructors, exercising a vital leadership role within the NRA's national training structure, in their local shooting communities, and among the instructors they train.


NRA Training Counselors play an important role in the trainer development process by conducting NRA Instructor Training Courses.  These courses are designed to teach instructor candidates how to teach shooting skills to beginning shooters in NRA Basic Firearm Training Courses.


Training Counselor Workshops are conducted by NRA Training Department staff members and experienced volunteers who have extensive backgrounds in instructor training.


Approval to attend a Training Counselor Workshop is determined by the NRA Training Counselor Coordinator.  An NRA Certified Instructor must have a minimum of two years active instructional experience, have conducted a minimum of five certified classes, and trained a minimum of 25 students to be eligible to attend.