Field Archery

Director for Field Archery – Dick Riemer

Field Archery Field House Number: 703-631-4498

  • Field Archery consists of the following ranges.
  • The main outdoor range with targets from 5 yards threw 60 yards. Range is lighted open to shooting 24/7. A crossbow station for shooting crossbows is also on this range.
  • A 28 walk through range with 3D targets and paper targets 10 to 80-yard shooting distances.
  • Indoor archery range has 11 shooting lanes at 20 yards.

101 Archery classes are scheduled from January thru May.

The chapter newsletter or calendar will have the dates and time classes are scheduled.
Bows and equipment are available at Field Archery for you to borrow and to help you decide if you want to invest in your own equipment.

For more information, please contact Mr. Riemer at 703 543-8585,