Group Activities Permit


We are not a commercial facility, we allow the use of our facilities by non-profits, youth groups and our members.  For chapter members, any group larger than your immediate family, you will need to get approval from our Board of Directors.  This is only done at a Board of Directors meeting, which are held the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30 PM at the Field House on our property.


You can check our calendars at to see if the facilities you are interested in are already reserved.  The calendars may not be totally up to date due to a lag entering items approved at the last Board meeting, but if the facilities are already taken, you need to look for another date. 


The Group Activities Permit (link below) is the completed form you will need to bring to the Board.  You need to review the checklist (link below) and use it to fill out the Group Activities Permit to ensure that you are ready when you come to a Board meeting. If you are not ready, you will be required to return to a Board meeting at a later date.  The Checklist will also show you if you need to fill out the Hold Harmless (link below).  Be sure to bring a check(s) for use of the field house and/or the security deposit.


All Boy Scout, Girl Scout or Cub Scout activities must be approved by our Scout Coordinator, Tom Pike at

Links to documents:

Group Activities Permit Checklist

Group Activities Permit

Hold Harmless